01 December 2009 ~ 1 Comment

Cool Science Idea of the Week


If you’re into such things (and here at Wicked Cool Ideas, we are) you can debate the list of Top 10 greatest scientific achievements of the 20th Century. Air conditioning, the integrated circuit, Penicillin, and splitting the atom would all be contenders. But I believe that harnessing electrical power stands alone at the top. Who would argue that electricity is the very backbone of modern life?

So I was extremely excited to read about a company in Massachusetts called WiTricity that is poised to take electrical power into the 21st Century. Using magnetic resonance, the company can transmit electricity wirelessly. Not just a little bit of juice a short distance, we’re talking kilowatts of power moving through the air and driving devices several meters away! Somewhere Nikola Tesla is smiling.

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